Basic Unit of Electric Current [SI unit – Base]

Ampere often written as amps or amps is the basic unit of electric current in SI system.


Ampere = Charge/Time


I = Q/t


I is current in amps

Q is charge in coulombs

t is time in seconds

How to calculate Amperes

The current in amperes can be calculated from the known charge in coulombs and time in seconds.

Let’s solve an example for that:

If 300 coulombs flow through an area for 1.5 minutes. What is current?

I = Q/t = 300 C / (1.5 * 60) = 3.33 Amps

Current can also be calculated from voltages, kVA, watts, ohms, provided that certain other parameters are known. Given below is a list of such examples:

  1. Volts to amperes
  2. Transformer kVA to Amps
  3. HP to Amps
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