5 Band Resistor Color Code Calculator

5 Band Resistor color code calculator is used to find the value of five band resistors. It is a useful electrical tool for your electronics and DIY projects.

The resistance of SMD’s and power resistors are simply labeled on their bodies and one can identify the resistor by looking its label. In case of small-sized resistors, an alternative strategy is employed. Here we have 4, 5 or 6 bands carved on the bodies of resistors.

How to read 5 Band Resistor

The first, second, and third band from left represent the first, second and third significant digit of resistance. The fourth band is a multiplier. Finally, the last band represents the possible tolerance of value. The 5 Band resistor color coding chart is used to decode 5 band resistors.


An Illustration of Brown Green Black Black Brown Resistor

Lets’ consider a resistor having Brown Green Black Black Brown bands on it.


As we know, a resistor is read from the left side. But how to identify which side is left. The left side is the one closer to the end. Here the green band is in close proximity to brown.

Let’s now decode our resistor. Brown indicates the first digit as 1. Green indicates 5 and black indicate 0. We have three significant digits 150. The fourth multiplier band is 1. So 150 * 1 = 150 Ω. Finally, the brown tolerance indicator indicates ±1. So the resistor is a 150 Ω ±1.

The table below indicates most commonly available 5 band resistors.

Value First Second Third Fourth Fifth
33 Ω ± 1 Orange Orange Black Black Brown
68 Ω ± 1 Black Blue Grey Black Brown
100 Ω ± 1 Brown Black Black Black Brown
150 Ω ± 1 Brown Green Black Black Brown
220 Ω ± 1 Red Red Black Black Brown
270 Ω ± 1 Red Violet Black Black Brown
330 Ω ± 1 Orange Orange Black Black Gold
470 Ω ± 1 Yellow Violet Black Black Brown
1 kΩ ± 1 Brown Black Black Brown Brown
2 kΩ ± 1 Red Black Black Brown Brown
2.2 kΩ ± 1 Red Red Black Brown Brown
3.3 kΩ ± 1 Orange Orange Black Brown Brown
4.7 kΩ ± 1 Yellow Violet Black Brown Brown
10 kΩ ± 1 Brown Black Black Red Brown
100 kΩ ± 1 Brown Black Black Orange Brown
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