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Electricity bill calculator is used to calculate the kWh cost of electricity. Choose the appliance or select the wattage rating of equipment, hours of usage and rate of the unit. Cost per day, per month and per year will compute.

Electricity is the form of energy which is utilized by the lights, fans, air conditioners and other electronic appliances in our homes. kWH is the practical unit for measuring the consumption of electricity.

The electrical equipment is rated in terms of power which is consumed by them. Energy is actually a measure of time for which the equipment takes power. For example, a 2000-watt air conditioner consumes 4000 Wh when it runs for 2 hours. Since Wh represents a very small amount of power, the commercial unit of power is kWh.

Let’s solve an example to further understand this.

Example # 1: A 1500-watt heater runs for 10 hours. Find the kWh consumed by the heater.

Solution: Energy (W) = 1500-watt * 10 hours = 15000 Wh = 15 kWh

Electrical companies assign different charges for kWh. Usually, 1 kWh is termed as one unit. The expected cost per kWh for a normal consumer is $0.05. However, it may vary greatly depending on many factors.

Example # 2: A 1350-watt electric iron is used for 3 hours. At a rate of $0.06 per kWh Find the kWh cost of your electric bill.

Solution: Energy (W) = 1350-watt * 3 hours = 4050 watt-hours = 4.05 kWh

For $0.06, Cost of bill = 4.05 kWh * $0.06 = $0.243

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