Parallel Resistor Calculator


The Parallel Resistor Calculator can be used to solve two or more resistors that are connected in parallel. Here you can solve up to 7 resistors in parallel.

How to Use it

Select the value of your resistor and replace 1 by your desired value.

You have the choice to select the value in ohms, kiloohms, Megaohms, Gigaohms, Teraohms or Petaohms.
Repeat the above process for different values.

Finally, click Calculate and choose the prefix in which you want your answer.

Your answer will be provided.

The Manual Method

The manual method of solving is tedious. Having the tools in your hand makes it very easy to do it. But you should know the method how it works.

The basic formula for solving ‘n’ number of resistors:



10 kΩ, 20 kΩ and 30 kΩ are connected in ||

Enter 10 in the 1st row and select the k prefix.

Now repeat the steps for 20k and 30k.

Finally, hit the calculate button and you will achieve your desired answer.

The answer in the present case is:

5.4545 k.


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