5 Band Resistor Color Code Calculator

The 5 Band Resistor Calculator calculates the value of 5 Band Resistor Color Codes.

How to Use

Select the colour of the first band from the leftmost row and choose all options from the first row for all five bands.

Now hit the Calculate button from third row and value of your resistor will be provided in the second row.

You can convert your value to kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera or Peta Ohms using the dropdown menu. Always use calculate button after changing your choice.

Example with OBRBB

Consider that you are having a resistance with five bands which are coloured

Orange Blue Red Brown Brown

From dropdowns select all your desired values and hit the Calculate button.

The value in ohms will be provided. Whereas the tolerance will be provided in the second column. You can vary the k,M,G,T,P for getting the value in your desired prefix value.

5 Code Resistor Color Code Example

Consider that you are having a 5 band resistor having, blue, green, red, black and golden color.

Select them from the menu and the output will be 652 ohm ±5%. The whole chart is provided here for all combinations.


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