Electricity Bill Calculator [kWH]

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The Electricity bill calculator helps you to estimate the amount of daily, monthly and yearly bill for selected appliance in kWh. Please read this manual in case of any trouble using it.

How to Use the Calculator

Select the device and its usual consumption units will automatically be selected. However, you have a choice to select your desired voltages.

Select the number of hours for which selected device is used.

After this select the cost of 1kWh in dollars.

The cost in $ will be provided for on the basis of 1 day, 30 days and 1 year.

Watt Consumption of Different Appliances

1 Ton AC

The power consumed is assumed as 1200 W. This is true for most models and most companies. As an example consider the Samsung AC whose 1 Ton AC consumes 1200 W. However the consumption value varies between your selected settings.

1.5 and 2 Ton AC

Under normal conditions, most models consume 1500 and 1800 W. The AC Saving chart by LLOYD compares the wattage consumption of different models:


Clothes Dryer

The clothes dryer accounts for approximately 12% of electricity use. The selected watts here are 3000 W. However most models are estimated to have between 2,340-5,140W.

Clothes Iron

Most clothes iron consume 1000-2000 watts. Here 1,500 watt are selected.

Mobile Phone

Typically a mobile phone consumes 4-6 Watt. Here upper limit is used.

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