Delta to Wye Conversion Calculator


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Very often the electrical components are connected in two different configurations named as the Series and the parallel. There are certain networks which can’t be placed in these categories. Two examples of such networks are the Delta and the wye configuration. In Electrical Engineering you often need to convert from Delta to Wye network. Here is the automated solution for your problem.

Examples of Delta to Wye Conversion

Example 1

R1 = 30 ohm
R2 = 60 ohm
R3 = 90 ohm

Using formulae,Rx = 30

We get the solution,Rx = 30

Rx = 30 ohm

Ry = 15 ohm

Rz = 10 ohm

Which is the required solution.

You can solve more examples theoretically and can verify them using this calculator. Alternatively, you can use this calculator as a quick reference. Also, check our parallel resistor solver.

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    Very nice for new commers. It helped me in performing my electrical conversions. Thank you.


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